AppliedPrimate is a research facility founded in 2021 by preeminent geneticist Dr. Abbott "Doc" Gibbons, dedicated to researching and mitigating the dangers of ape mutation. Throughout his scientific pursuits for the good of all apekind, Doc, together with his loyal team of Scientists and other colleagues, has overcome extensive obstacles, including his own accidental radioactive Mega Mutation, betrayal by a trusted associate, and full-blown war against a clandestine pro-mutation cult.
Now, Doc and his AppliedPrimate compatriots face their greatest challenge yet: exploring the metaverse to search for 6 kidnapped Mega Mutants and defeat the terrifying, unknown, evil entity that took them. To take on such a treacherous feat, Doc unveiled his newest scientific innovation: MegaForce Sentinels, an advanced robot army powered by Mega Mutation technology. Thousands of unique Sentinels and their Operators are now preparing for AppliedPrimate's most important mission: saving the metaverse. Will you be among them?

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