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Save the metaverse with appliedprimate

Enlist in the MegaForce as an Operator of AppliedPrimate-built Sentinels and explore distant worlds full of undiscovered perils, or become a Keycard-carrying Scientist and unravel complex mysteries with your colleagues in the Lab. In either role, you will work alongside our founder, Doc Gibbons, and the whole AppliedPrimate community on exciting, vital missions for the safety and prosperity of all apekind.


are holders of one or more Sentinels, state-of-the-art robot soldiers designed by AppliedPrimate to combat threats within the metaverse. Operators build up an army of Sentinels, train them in practice fights against fellow Operators, and find opportunities to level up and empower their Sentinels - all leading up to epic battles against the most dangerous, unknown evils lurking throughout space and time. This path tends to appeal to those who are competitive, brave, adventurous, and strategic.


hold AppliedPrimate Keycards and are Doc's most trusted colleagues in the AppliedPrimate laboratory. Working both collaboratively and independently, Scientists focus on solving diabolically challenging puzzles and decoding the metaverse's deepest secrets and mysteries. As Doc's right-hand apes, they have special access to restricted areas of the lab, as well as opportunities to influence the future of AppliedPrimate. Those who are logical, curious, determined, and creative tend to thrive as Scientists.

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